26 Jun


Freida Rothman is a designer who has an eye for simplicity and elegance.

Her skill for combining contemporary and costume jewelry is impeccable for the woman of today. Her lifestyle brand includes something for everyone. Her pieces are simple yet detailed in the most fascinating way. If you’re looking for diversified pieces with a little bit of edge, Freida Rothman collection is right for you. We are proud to carry one of many brands that include beauty and detail. Monson Jewelers believes our selection separates us from the rest. For more on why you need a piece from the Freida Rothman collection keep reading.

Simplicity and elegance.

To fit a wide range of needs for your style, you need pieces you can wear to multiple events. You can decide to layer up and wear multiple necklaces to spruce up your look or one exquisite piece that will say it all! The idea here with Freida Rothman is that you have ample choices with just a little. Visit our website to browse our Freida Rothman pieces. We can’t say enough how stunning this collection is.

It’s a lifestyle brand.

The woman of today requires sophistication and variety in her life. The Freida Rothman jewelry collection brings a sense of diversity for every woman who wears many hats. Rather you’re a working mom, stay-at-home mom, single, married, etc. this collection has a piece for you that accommodates your lifestyle. Don’t just shop for an occasion, shop for your lifestyle!

Quality and attention to detail.

Freida Rothman is a second-generation jeweler. Coming from a background of costume design from the works of her father, she still brings elegance to her pieces without forfeiting on the quality and attention to detail. At Monson Jewelers, we only work with the best brands at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Our inventory is hand selected with the intention of providing pieces we are most proud to offer to our customers.

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