20 Jul


As the summer of 2020 sputters along amid tumultuous times, society must hone in on the happy moments and memorable occasions that bring joy and pleasure to our lives. Cherish more time around the home, spend quality time with loved ones, take on new hobbies and interests, and reflect on the relics and heirlooms that live on in your hearts…and in your jewelry boxes.

For almost forty years, Monson Jewelers have been serving its community and adorning its valued customers with world-class jewelry from high-end luxury brands. While it’s always delightful to add a new piece of jewelry to your existing collection, one can enhance existing pieces and curate entirely new designs thanks to the dedication and customizable capability offered by the family-owned jeweler.

Have you ever considered revamping a piece of jewelry and adding some flair, adjusting its color, changing its setting, or swapping out a stone? Our fashion-conscious, precision-based jewelers have the insight and inspiration to help repurpose and redesign your existing pieces. Meaningful pieces that may have been handed down can undergo a transition for a completely new look that fits your fancy. Preserve a loved one’s memory while customizing these classic jewels into something that meets your style and accessorized expression. 

If you’ve inherited vintage pieces and are seeking a revamped design, Monson’s personnel will cater to your needs and walk you through the design and repurposing options. Get a free estimate and thorough consultation before you commit.

An older ring that you’ve donned for decades can be redesigned with a new setting, polished clarity, and new look of platinum, white, or yellow gold in 14 or 18K. At Monson, any gold or platinum can be exchanged for a credit. If you have a gem in mind or a stone you want to replace, our skilled jewelry experts will recreate your piece for a charming new appeal so you can flaunt something new without breaking the bank.

There are endless possibilities to upgrade and redesign old jewels that desperately need a makeover.  Perhaps stones can be better utilized and repurposed on a classic pendant or a new pair of earrings. Did you know diamonds and gemstones can be carefully extracted and made useful for a new appeal? 

Maybe you love a pair of earrings but don’t wear them often. Why not repurpose them into a new look necklace? 

  • Take an old ring with sentimental value and transform it into a modern, remarkable engagement ring. 
  • Revise an engagement ring with new elements that signify personal milestones or lasting memories. 
  • Re-use jewels from unwanted gifts or diffused relationships rather than letting them pile up dust in an old jewelry box. 
  • Pearls or charms can be restrung to a different size or incorporated into a different piece to give the wearer a sense of something new at a fraction of the cost.

Have an old watch that no longer works or seems too outdated to represent your wrist? Our expert technicians can refurbish and rebuild timepieces to make them look good as new and once again timeless. We urge you to share your desires, explore some Pinterest boards, or gather some references to re-create a new, specialized look. Our custom design team can turn around your previous pieces into newfound prized possessions in a matter of days.

Monson Jewelers is open and taking every necessary precaution and following all CDC guidelines to provide its customers and long-time sales associates a safe environment. Schedule a personal in-house appointment today for a private browse through our luxury collection of watches, engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets – exclusive assortments from the world’s most sophisticated brands. Jewelry collections are to be cherished and savored for generations. At Monson, we take pride in serving our community and continue to act as a long-standing, luxury jewelry store that thrives thanks to its loyal customers, dedicated staff, and unique, one-of-a-kind selection and services.