1 Jun


Weddings are a special time in a bride and groom’s life. These days, brides are choosing a variety of themes to make that special day one they will never forget. Themes for weddings range from modern romantic to country rustic vintage to simple yet elaborate. There's no right or wrong way to have a wedding ceremony, because it's all about the bride's dream wedding! Here are three of the most popular wedding themes for the bride and groom.

What's old becomes new again. This means that you can go for the roaring 20's to the rock-n-roll times of the 50's. Vintage weddings never go out of style, so you can re-create the era you love and Monson Jewelers can help you with the engagement ring to fit your dreams. The romantic times of the past can invoke the nostalgic time of your future.

2. Beach Theme

Beach weddings are one of the most popular all year round. These weddings are the ultimate in romance and relaxation. Walking on the beach, sand between your toes, and the sound of the ocean, sets the theme for your marriage. If you're the no-fuss, care-free type, consider having a beach theme for your nuptials. Don't forget to let Monson Jewelers make buying the perfect engagement ring, as relaxing as a day on the beach!

3. Garden Theme

The smell of nature is undeniable! To decorate the garden themed wedding of your dreams, gather greenery and fresh flowers, then add a little spring and fall into the air and you’ve got the perfect garden themed wedding!!! There are endless ideas that await you as you create the look and feel of the beautiful outdoors. Have fun and allow your ideas to blossom along with the beautiful scenery. When you need a special engagement ring that tells the world that you are beautiful and treasured, just as the air we are breathing, contact us today!

No matter what wedding theme you have in mind, Monson Jewelers has the perfect ring for you.  We specialize in making a bride’s dream come true. At Monson, we look forward to being part of your bridal experience, by helping you choose a ring that will be loved for a lifetime.