16 May


Are you in love with Swarovski and their products? We, at Monson Jewelers, are too and want to fill you in on how creative you can be with their pieces. Particularly, Swarovski has a line of Slake bracelets that are fun and chic and will add flavor to your look for any occasion. The twisted wrapped, studded, sparkly bracelet can bring spunk to your look separating you from the rest. Read on for three creative ideas for wearing Swarovski Slake bracelets.

Wear them to work.

Swarovski Slake bracelets can be dressed up or down which opens room for fun and creativity. A fun oversized blazer with a pencil skirt will complement your bracelets nicely. Don't forget to mix and match your bracelet to add a variety of color to your overall look. Making a bold statement is just the right look to be professional and taken seriously for that important meeting or presentation. Come see us add these beautiful bracelets to your collection.

Dress them down.

Let your bracelets do all the talking with just a simple look. Make your bracelets speak to your style and fashion appeal in just one look. A plain white oversized t-shirt with ripped jean shorts is just the look you want to look effortlessly flawless. This look can be achieved for shopping with a friend, going for ice cream, or simply at a park during a sunny afternoon. Add a timepiece to the middle of your bracelets to accomplish a dressed down, clean look.

Get ready for a cocktail party.

Do you need jewelry to go to an after five party with your all black dress? Look no further, visit our store at Monson Jewelers for a set of Swarovski Slake bracelets to be paired with your all black dress. The sparkles around the bands will pull out the color and shine you need for the stares you want. Don’t hesitate to have a good time mixing and matching bracelets. We have a remarkable selection you will be impressed with. For help on how to achieve these looks with Swarovski Slake bracelets, come visit our store today.