30 Jul


Whether he prefers a classic timepiece or techy gadget, there’s no denying men love watches. While it’s easy to compare a man’s love for watches to a woman’s love for handbags, we wanted to take the time to delve deeper into the reasons men love watches.


The primary reason that anyone wears a watch is functionality. While most of us have the time on our phones, men who wear watches live by the motto “old habits die hard.” Nothing beats looking over at your watch to get the time. Unlike women who carry their phone in a purse, most men carry their phones in their pockets along with their wallet. Most men will agree it’s just easier to turn the wrist than to fumble around within their pocket. Watch-wearers are able to send non-verbal cues. Everyone knows that a glance at the watch is the universal symbol for “I’ve got somewhere to be.” Men around the world enjoy wearing Seiko watches like the ones we have at Monson Jewelers


Unlike women who have endless options for accessories, men are limited in their choices. Fashion-forward men know that a watch is a great way to make a statement and add a touch of style to any outfit. This is why true watch lovers have at least 10-12 watches in their collection to ensure they have a timepiece for every occasion. If the watch lover in your life is yearning for a new watch, bring him into Monson Jewelers where he'll be impressed by the many choices.


Watches do more than tell time. There’s an adventure waiting to be discovered inside each timepiece. Some men love watches because they have tech features. Digital watches have taken on a classic face and now watch-wearers can balance their interest in technology with their love for watches.

It’s clear that the watch lovers have their reason. Acknowledge the man in your life with a “just because gift”’ from Monson Jewelers.