26 May


Accessorize your ensemble with a colorful charm or flashy bracelet

Even in the most challenging and desperate times, the thought of summer brightens our mood, lifts our spirits, and excites us for a refreshing and revitalized road ahead. Top trends for this summer display colorful, charming, and authentic look across the luxury landscape of fashion, shoes, bags, and jewelry.

Many of the hottest trends hitting the fashion runway this summer showcase striking colors and shapely designs that are big, bold, and breathtakingly beautiful. Fashion designers and beauty brands have defined the most vibrant colors on this summer’s palette. Fiery scarlet red, coral pink, saffron, chive, and Biscay green fulfill a fresh new flair. Pure white and denim blue are always classic for a warm climate. Summer attire can never go wrong with bright pinks and purples and cheerful yellows and greens. A radiance of red or burst of blue reveals the energy, passion, and free-spirited sophistication.

The summer of 2020 is set up to be the boldest, brightest, and bravest yet. With our lives already adjusted across the board, sometimes it’s a good thing to step outside our comfort zone. Perhaps some are inclined to take a risk and try an alternative adornment that evokes beauty and confidence. More traditionalists might seek to upgrade their gold and silver for a newfound essence of elegance. No matter the mood or individual sense of style, everyone deserves a fresh start and a precious new accessory to cherish and enjoy.

With warm weather approaching, brands are “virtually zooming” to reveal new arrivals of their hippest bags and hottest shoe trends. A pop of color portrays an attitude and fuels a fresh, playful appeal for fun in the sun. With accessories being a final, fancy touch to one’s fashion ensemble, there’s plenty of reason to be obsessed with jewelry this summer!

Popular looks lately in jewelry include big earrings and hoops, statement necklaces, and simple shapes with a sparkle of surprise. A standalone earring or an uneven pairing is a fun trend that can customize a style and convey some character. A common theme in recent seasons involves a casual Bohemian take on antique, vintage, and fashion jewelry. More and more brands are incorporating lucite, seashells, tortoise shells, and colorful jewels. These unconventional pieces offer a unique and dazzling expression in conjunction with customary gold and silver pieces.

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