21 Sep


As the colors turn and the leaves fall, a new season brings along new responsibilities like school, work, parenting, or staying positive and productive amid the challenges of 2020. As autumn arrives, a cool sense of confidence emerges and we build off the momentum and the memories that we cherish. Opportunities knock and life presents boundless possibilities. In some most fortunate cases, love is in the air and the memories are just beginning to build. 

Did you know that 38% of American couples get engaged between September and December? Typically, grooms-to-be take steps several months ahead before dropping to one knee. Whether financially daunting, personally nerve-wracking, or inevitably second-guessing, a man can make a woman melt by thoroughly exploring the fun and fanciful facets of engagement ring shopping.

Many men might prefer planning the surprise or splurging on a spontaneous setting to invite their partner to take the proverbial plunge. But when it’s time to shine, there are many important things to consider when selecting a diamond engagement ring.

As you probably already know, not all diamonds are created equal. The most defining characteristics to differentiate these gems are known as the 4 C’s: Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat weight.


When observed under magnification, a diamond can be assessed for its rarity and purity. Clarity grades are given based on the number, nature, position, size, and color tolerance of the flawed characteristics. Only 1% of diamonds in the world are deemed flawless. This means when under a microscope, it shows no blemishes on the surface or internal imperfections, known as inclusions, within the stone. External flaws include scratches, chips, polish lines, or spots. Types of inclusions are clouds, cavities, and cleavage when there are breaks within. Clarity grades of SI (slightly included) or VS (very slightly included) make rings commonly acceptable because they don’t show any signs of imperfections to the naked eye. 


The cut is exactly that – how the diamond has been cut and carved down to size to measure how the diamond refracts light. Cuts vary by each diamond facet’s shapes, sizes, and angles. Round cut diamonds are classic shapes which often shine brightest by giving off the most light. The round shape can seamlessly fit into most settings and usually hides inclusions well with its bright sparkle. A cushion cut features softer, rounded corners while the stone’s overall shape is square. Resembling a pillow, this cut has lasted over 200 years and continues to be extremely popular atop a fiancée’s finger. Similar to the cushion cut, a princess cut has sharper edges and appear like an upside-down pyramid within its setting.

Each cut comes with class and elegance as it captures light and takes its shape. Since round cuts require more precision and have higher scrap than cushion, round cuts tend to be priced about 25% higher. Ultimately, the bride-to-be may want to have a say in the shape of her stone, so maybe check with her to avoid needing to “cut” any tension upon proposing. 


Analyzing a diamond’s color weighs its appearance on a spectrum spanning from pure colorless to light yellow. Absence of color increases the ranking and the value of the engagement ring stone. The GIA color scale gives alphabetic grades from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown hue). G, H, I, and J are popular grades for today’s modern engagement rings. They are still near colorless, typically within a reasonable budget, and appealing in elegance and sophistication.


While all girls want to flaunt a “rock,” be reminded there are numerous attributes that make a ring glisten and gleam. Of course, size matters and the bigger the better; however, there’s a reason diamonds aren’t a guy’s best friend. Large, heavy diamonds make a hefty impact on the purchase price. In the United States, the average engagement ring ranges from 1.08 to 1.2 carats. These make most women ecstatic to exhibit, yet anything over 2 carats will usually turn heads and shine bright. Speaking of size, men should somehow in advance try to nail down the ring size of their future fiancée’s finger. 

Once selecting the stone, find the perfect band and setting to polish off the perfect ring primed for the pending proposal. Solitaire engagement rings are versatile and work well with any bands whether flat and minimal or laced with small, shiny diamonds. Make sure the setting makes the stone fit flush when mounted. Settings should be seamless and moderate so nothing detracts from the dazzle of the diamond. 


Engagement ring shopping is a well-planned pursuit that fits within one’s means while recognizing the significance and sentiment of such a milestone purchase. True love goes beyond putting a ring on her finger, but she will certainly want to flaunt and floss the nicest ring within reason. When managing an engagement ring budget, analyze the 4 C’s and weigh other financial factors like insurance, warranty, payment plans, and return policies. Many jewelers will compromise and work with customers on sales agreements. They will also explain each individual stone’s insurance and warranty benefits. Before the browsing gets serious, have an all-in price tag in mind and try to enjoy the process. Put her on a pedestal and know there is purpose in this purchase. 


In today’s society, buying an engagement ring validates even further that a commitment has been made for a future full of potential, promise, and passion. It is an important purchase that means everything to the recipient which consequently justifies the investment for the presenter. Monson Jewelers features an array of engagement rings that sparkle with luxury and fall within any budget. The family-owned jeweler features collections from the world’s elite brands. Its friendly, knowledgeable staff offers technical expertise, repair service, and customer support from the heart. At Monson Jewelers, the goal is to provide a calming, enjoyable experience where consumers can safely browse an exclusive selection of watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. Safety first has never been more in the forefront and at Monson Jewelers, customers can feel safe and comfortable browsing for jewelry or selecting the perfect ring for that magical moment. 

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