3 Feb

Monson Jewelers Owner Tim Monson - Part 1

2021 marks the 20-year anniversary of family-owned fine jewelry store, Monson Jewelers. Located in Palatine, IL, the luxury jeweler has been serving and supporting the suburban Chicago community for two decades with elegant collections, elite brands, and steadfast customer service. Owner Tim Monson shares a behind-the-scenes look at where he started, what he’s seen, and why the success he’s sustained is all about the people.

Born in Arlington Heights, IL, Tim Monson has had a passion for people and an involvement with jewelry for as long as he can remember. A graduate from Southern Illinois, Tim is married to his wife Carolyn and has two grown sons (Grant, 27 and Kevin, 23). Mr. Monson credits his parents for building his business acumen and stressing the importance of treating others with care and compassion. He continues to embark on his dream-like journey of owning and operating a local store that effectively serves its community with exquisite, exceptional jewelry collections. Mr. Monson says his store has been able to thrive for so many years in large part thanks to the valued customers who have been loyal season after season, generation after generation. While Monson Jewelers has invested its fair share of advertising and marketing initiatives over the years, Tim adamantly admits the true analytics for success results from the willing and welcome shoppers who have stepped through his door for the past twenty years.

It comes as no surprise that Tim Monson’s first job experience entailed working in the warehouse of a jewelry store. Starting in 1981 during high school, Tim worked at the store throughout high school and college tenure. Tim was incredibly intrigued by the business and the jewelry industry. He worked his way up, learned the profession, and envisioned establishing his own store, which came to fruition on November 15th, 2001. The math adds up 40 years in the jewelry for the family-friendly entrepreneur. When asked about the challenges and obstacles he faced upon launching his store, especially in the wake of 9/11, Tim replied, “Never gave it a second thought. I was fortunate to start with a devoted clientele and was excited to develop many new relationships.” Monson went on to say both individuals and business owners endure ups and downs in the financial world, but he’s been blessed with loyal, long-time customers and close friends. He holds family and values close to heart and when asked what differentiates Monson Jewelers, Tim says, “We keep it very simple. We take care of people.”

Tim claims it wasn’t necessarily diamonds, gemstones, and jewels that sparked his interest and guided him along his path. He was passionate and prudent to recognize the power of partnerships and treating people with courtesy and respect. The relationships he built would solidify his career and steadily grow his customer base, establishing Monson Jewelers as a local fixture to this day. When asked about his personal favorite gemstone or preferred piece of jewelry, Mr. Monson wryly replied, “The last piece I sold.” But joking aside, he has always had the mindset that it’s not about the piece of jewelry or the price of the sale. It’s the person’s pursuit of happiness that he longs to fulfill. The store, which also boasts a skillful repair service, prides itself on offering fine jewelry that is fairly priced, quality certified, and versatile to its demand.

Monson Jewelry features an evolving assortment of diamond engagement rings, luxury watches, and elegant earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. For more information, visit monsonjewelers.com, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or contact the store at (847) 991-9370.