24 Sep


The fall fashion trends from the 80’s and 90’s have been revived, and jewelry is now following suit. The trend that has now circulated globally is the retro idea of “go big or go home.” Not only must your accessory selection match this theme, but it must give a lasting impression on the people that see you wearing it. If you are looking for a company that is contemporary and understands this movement, then Monson Jewelers has just what you want.

Monson Jewelers offers several styles and designs that cultivate this retro look. Many styles including the JB Star collection, have exceeded this trend with their extravagant rings, bracelets  and necklaces. Their beautiful shimmer is sure to make any girl sparkle! Imagine walking into an annual fall party while wearing a piece of jewelry from JB Star’s collection and having an ocean of eyes on you. What girl wouldn't want that sort of attention? Not only will this collection make you look spectacularly fabulous, you will also steal the hearts of those who do not own pieces by JB Star

Monson Jewelers also offers breathtaking designs by Luvente, a company famous for its exemplary symbolism of love stories through their innovative jewelry collections. Their designs will not only give you the extra sparkle and glow that every girl desires but a story that goes with it. This is a meaningful collection that provides iconic designs for those that are of the most deserving of exceptional attention. This is a collection that can be worn for fun festive events like searching for the perfect pumpkin with your family. All of their designs tell well thought out stories that can be personalized to each individual that wears a piece of their collection.

So ladies if you are looking for a great company that has many intriguing designs and styles that match this season's trend, look into buying pieces by JB Star and Luvente. These companies are sure to give you the appropriate glow you need from accessories this fall.