13 Jan

Monson Jewelers 20th Anniversary

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Monson Jewelers, the family-owned fine jewelry store based in Palatine, IL and proudly serving suburban Chicago and its surrounding metro areas. Through its knowledgeable, family-oriented team and spectacular styles sourced from the world’s leading luxury brands, there’s no wonder the business has been bolstered on the corner of Brockway and Slade since 2001. Twenty years signifies so many special moments and memories and the Monson family feels privileged to help foster other family’s love and happiness with glorious gifts and sentimental jewelry pieces.

As Monson Jewelers embarks on this magical milestone, the store continues to persevere and prosper despite many changes across the industry, technology, the community, and the economy. While the store continues to grow and cater to new generations, the Monson family is taking this special occasion to reflect on how the journey began. Ultimately, the local jewelry merchant credits its long-term success to its methodic mix of high-quality collections from top jewelry suppliers, a dedicated team of jewelry sales and repair experts, and a consistent, devoted customer base. The store would not be successful today without its long-standing customers spreading the word, styling our select items, and recommending Monson Jewelers to family, friends, and contacts within the community. Family members have been entrenched in the business since Day One and are primed and passionate to provide meaningful gifts, special engagement rings and wedding bands, and lifelong treasures.

Monson Jewelers owes much of its success and brand reputation to its jewelry partners and suppliers. Season after season, Monson showcases on-trend, luxurious collections customized by some of the world’s most prestigious fine jewelry brands. At Monson Jewelers, you’ll find every type of jewelry crafted with spectacular stones and diamonds and supplied by brands such as Swarovski, Citizen, Seiko, Elle, and JB Star.

For almost 75 years, JB Star has operated with a passion for precision and a labor of love. An elegant collection of diamond engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, each piece is uniquely magnificent. Hand-made in the USA with state-of-the-art laser technology, the meticulous detail is undeniable. Diamonds dressed in platinum and 18 kt yellow and pink gold, the JB Star Collection at Monson Jewelers features top quality craftsmanship and striking appeal in every piece. Diamond and cushion cuts, gorgeous colors, and stunning settings make these fine jewelry pieces to treasure forever. Founded in 1946 by the son of one of the world’s largest diamonds manufacturers, JB Star now designs every piece at its Fifth Avenue locale in the heart of New York City. Since the very beginning, JB Star has had an eye for elite, exotic jewels and a diligent mindset to craft creative, flawless luxury. JB Star prides itself on providing luxury pieces that people will cherish and don as wearable works of art.