1 Mar


Happy birthday month to all you March babies out there! Your birthstone is not only beautiful, it's brimming with history and mythology. In the event that you close your eyes and envision a delightful day at the beach, with crystal blue water and the sun skipping off the waves, you can picture the blue Aquamarine. An immaculate birthstone for March, the Aquamarine makes a wonderful gemstone for spring or summer closets. Let’s learn more about the March birthstone!

The fabled history of the aquamarine

The name Aquamarine actually refers to seawater. The name promptly infers its lovely light sky blue or the splendid shade of the sea. The ancient Romans believed that Neptune, the divine god of the sea, acquired aquamarines from the gem boxes of the Sirens. Legend has it that Neptune gave aquamarines as a blessing to the mermaids. And due to its unshakable bond with the sea, aquamarine is the favored gemstone of several sea goddesses, including Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

The aquamarine is perfect for the free-flowing Pisces

The Aquamarine has a rich shading and has for quite some time been an image of youth, wellbeing and expectation. Its marvelous color ranges from pale to dark blue and is reminiscent of the sea. The March birthstone also fits in perfectly with its zodiac sign, the Pisces, which depicts two fish. I mean, can the aquamarine be any more flawless?

The aquamarine is also regarded as symbolizing confidence, trust, reliability, genuineness, and harmony. It also doesn’t dull in manufactured light, it continues to shine brilliantly in even low-light in the evening.

The aquamarine comes in all shapes and colors!

The particular blue-green shade of aquamarine pearls is satisfying to the eyes and alleviating to the very soul. The amount of iron present in the aquamarine crystalline structure is the cause of its blue shades that range from pale blue of the sky to that of the sea. Aquamarine with a tint of green is normal. Indeed naturally pale yellow aquamarine jewels are heated to get those darker shades of blue and green.

Aquamarine gemstones are accessible in an extensive variety of sizes. It’s popular for jewelers to have aquamarines cut into little pearls as adornments for pendants, rings, bangles, and so on.