2 Apr


Engagement rings come in different sizes and shapes. How do you know which one is the right shape for your bride to be? Here’s a guide to the symbolism of engagement ring shapes. Read on for guidance on selecting the perfect ring.

General Symbolism

In general, an engagement ring is the physical representation of your commitment to love through the engagement. Large sized rings tend to represent affluence. Women report practicality, design, and uniqueness as the top three features of a great engagement ring.


Circle engagement rings represent eternity and long lasting love. Circle engagement rings have no beginning or end which is reflective of your love. These timeless designs are the most popular types of engagement rings and they fit elegantly on all types of hands.


Square cut engagement rings have several different variations, including the princess cut, Asscher cut, and cushion cut. These engagement rings are blends of tradition in modern design. They represent a modern love with reverence and respect for the past. These designs are dainty and fit very well on long slender fingers.


Oval engagement rings are great options for those who enjoy unique and bold designs. Similar to circle cut, these engagement rings represent never ending and eternal love. These designs look wonderful on shorter fingers, as they give the illusion of length.


Similar to oval designs, these are bold and unique blends of the oval and marquise design. The tear shape or pear engagement ring can be worn in either direction. These designs also give the illusion of length to shorter fingers.

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