26 Jun


With the coronavirus pandemic impacting the world, desperate times call for defining new measures as the retail world re-opens. Safety first has never been more at the forefront and at Monson Jewelers, we want our customers to know they can feel safe and comfortable browsing our long-established luxury jewelry collection.

It’s hard to say what the future will hold across retail for the short or the long term. Shopping habits will succumb to an entirely new way of evaluating what looks good on us and how well it fits. Dressing rooms are closed, fragrance counters will no longer have tester bottles on display, shoe departments will refrain from issuing loaner socks, and universal size scales to measure feet, and cosmetics counters will restrict the personal make-up artist experience and the hands-on availability to sample shades and brushes. In summary, brands are scrambling to find the safest, most innovative ways for consumers to find what fits and drives a purchase.

While some consumers are buying in and starting to utilize new tech innovations, many will still prefer the traditional in-store shopping experience. That’s why it’s vital for companies like us to make major adjustments to our store presence and the day-to-day environment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to effectively communicate with you as you start coming into stores and help you feel safe to browse and buy the jewelry and gifts for your friends and family. 

When visiting Monson Jewelers, our goal is to provide a calming, enjoyable experience where consumers can safely and peacefully source an exclusive selection of fine jewelry, find the perfect piece, and interact with our friendly, dependable staff. While times have forever changed and safety precautions are of the utmost importance, we want our customers to know we have adapted our operation and have thoroughly reviewed every step of the shopping process. Preventative measures will follow all CDC guidelines including social distancing, frequent sanitization, required face coverings, and limited capacity.

Monson Jewelers vows to support its clientele and showcase its jewelry in a clean, secure environment. With so many weeks quarantined and restricted, the economy can flourish in the months ahead as consumers will want to shop, spend, and select their favorite products or gifts for their loved ones. Our assortment of engagement rings, luxury watches, and gorgeous earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are on display in a safe and comforting way. We embrace the new, critical responsibility to overhaul our store to meet safety guidelines and provide a secure, stress-free atmosphere for our valued clientele.

We are continuing to make sure that everyone can shop safely with virtual showings of our collections, private appointments, social distancing measures, and delivery the way you like it - local to your home or business or convenient curbside pickup. However you choose to shop with us, just know that we are always keeping you and our employees in mind. Let’s all stay safe and healthy!