1 Aug


Fall is fashion’s favorite season.

Cool and airy temps call for layering, warm colors and of course accessories. This month we will be focusing on how to incorporate August’s birthstone Peridot into our favorite styles for women. Read on to get the scoop on Fall’s best fashion trends.

Casual yet expressive

If you would describe your style preference as simple and minimalistic yet unique and expressive then you understand the importance of colors and accessories to add a touch of pop. Warm solid colors such as burnt orange, rust red, and canary yellow should be the highlights of your fall fashion. Adding a modest teardrop peridot necklace from JB star will be a great accent for your nighttime look, as the gem is known as “the evening stone”.

Glam to the Max

If you consider yourself to be a bling queen, then you live by the phrase “the bolder the better.” Texture and patterns will be in full effect for your fall wardrobe. Just be sure to combine these elements without clashing. Confidence is key with rocking audacious fashion. Swarovski crystal slakes bracelets with a hint of peridot green will be your choice for accessories this fall, wear them like layered bangles to add the extra glam you crave.

Vintage girl in a Modern World

If you live for vintage fashion and outdated trends then you will find your fall favs while out thrifting. Elongated striped pants and turtlenecks paired with loafers will be right up your alley. Jewelry restoration is a great way to bring weathered jewelry back to life. If you are lucky enough to find a pair of Peridot earrings, bring them into Monson Jewelers for restoration. Peridot represents strength and just like your taste in fashion, it's sure to withstand the test of time. 

**August is the perfect month to revamp your fall wardrobe and accessories! At Monson Jewelers, we offer this season’s latest fashion trends including birthstones and custom-designed jewelry. Let us help you create your next look. **