31 Aug


While we wrap the most challenging and abnormal summer of all time, society has universally cancelled customary social events, highly anticipated vacations, and summer arts and music festivals. The fashion world at retail has been rocked and our social lives have been restricted; therefore, seasonal and whimsical trends of summer basically fell by the wayside. As the world copes, cooperates, and tries to get a handle on the new normal, people can rely on faith, hope, and unity to persevere through the 2nd half of 2020. Speaking of optimism, many people find relief in positivity, passion, participation, and pop culture. As autumn approaches and new trends emerge, let’s not let uncontrollable pitfalls make our fashion and style sense piti-fall.

As the leaves fall, temperature drops, and nature fills with vibrant, changing colors, fashion and style enthusiasts embrace the season’s annual craze for what’s hot, hip, and has to be had. So what’s in store for one of the strangest, unstable, up-in-the-air seasons we’ve ever encountered? Well for starters, women and their wardrobes will always welcome what’s new – whether wild, whimsical, or worth the wait. But before the weather turns, keep warm weather options like bra tops, knee-length shorts, and cozy athleisure gear within arm’s reach. 

While wild outfit ideas and show-stopping designs dominated the runway in recent seasons, the chaos and tension of 2020 evoke us to dress with a simpler, more practical, and comfortable appeal. Casual suits with sneakers or boots have taken the reigns over formal dresses, exotic heels and fancy footwear. However, some runway experts predict some threaded trends will move the needle just enough to make us splurge. Hot looks include cropped blazers, pleated skirts, sleeveless doll dresses, and bras under jackets and sweaters. Sheer blouses and dresses always rise to the occasion whether for work and play. Of course, every season seems to feature some animal print but instead of leopard or gator of past years, you may notice some zebra, snakeskin, or even deer spots on Fall silhouettes, footwear, handbags, and luxury goods. 

Fall style will continue safe yet statement trends like combination prints, unique elements and embezzlements, and bold colors. This year’s autumn attire tends to be more tonal with a select color adorned in a variety of shades – think white, cream and ivory or celery and emerald mixed with a neutral black or beige. While colors come and go with the weather, cooler months call for richer shades like deep burgundy, dark ash gray, caramel and cognac, and radiant orange – a hue right on cue for pumpkins and Thanksgiving. Expect to see other hot colors this season like marigold, tangerine, olive and kelly green, sandstone, and amber. 

When the wardrobe’s complete, the perfume and cosmetics are applied, and the boots are buckled, the final touch is a sensational jewelry accessory or two. This fall calls for thick, statement pieces that adorn our necks, ears, and wrists with big and bold. Heavy, tubular chokers and statement charms add an element of confidence, audacity, and sophistication to any outfit. A growing trend involves stacking a couple rings on a finger for a double dose of bling. Speaking of bling, more and more women are wearing large-sized earrings with massive stones, loud shapes, and sparkling crystals. Bracelets are elegant when dipped in gold, but look out for aspects of celestial, chains, and costume jewelry. 

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