18 Dec


At Monson Jewelers, we pride ourselves on our vast collections and in 2019, we’re not slowing down one bit. Whether you’re searching for an engagement stone for a special loved one or simply looking for a “just because” gift, we’ve got you covered! Now that the new year has started, it’s time for you to spice up your jewelry collection with one of our stunning cocktail rings. What’s a cocktail ring? A cocktail ring is a ring that is always larger than a normal sized ring. They are specifically designed for that purpose - to attract attention and stand out from the rest! They come in various sizes (large and larger!) and colors.

Cocktail rings actually became popular around the 1940s and they were only worn at cocktail parties, which is how they got their names. Over time, however, the classy but gaudy cocktail ring made its way onto the hands of women across the world and at all types of events! Nowadays, cocktail rings are worn everywhere from galas with fancy dresses, to galoshes for errand running. Lucky for you, we have just the variety that you need to take your jewelry collection to the next level. Though cocktail rings are large, sometimes huge even, they have equally huge advantages and one happens to be the price. Because many cocktail rings aren’t made of diamonds, often times you’re able to purchase a cocktail ring for a fraction of the cost of its much smaller counterparts. Now is the time to give yourself the larger than life bedazzled ring that you deserve! At Monson Jewelers, we are here to help your jeweled dreams come true.

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