19 Oct


This fall you should look at Monson Jewelers for the latest fashion trends. Monson knows the trends that will catch the eye of anyone at a party. Thanksgiving is coming up very soon and why not add a little extra pizazz to your look! This will for sure boost your confidence and you will be destined to get an astonished reaction from the rest of the party. Here are a few fall 2018 jewelry trends Monson follows with each of our collections.

We Sell Statement Necklace Pieces.

You can find the trendiest statement necklaces in the Swarovski collection. These necklaces are bound to make a statement at any social gathering. They are especially spectacular because they can be worn over turtlenecks and look stunning or even just worn on a bare neck and look just as beautiful. Adding one of these necklaces to your already stunning Thanksgiving dinner dress will take you over the edge!

The Eighties Look.

Many of the collections that we sell at Monsoon fit the current 80’s trend. These include but are not limited to collections by Swarovski and Luvente. Each of these collections sells extraordinary jewelry designs that make you feel like a high class 80’s girl. If you're going for this look you might as well invest in a piece by one of these collections to get the glow you’re desiring.

We Have Options for Choker Trends.

Yes, ladies…it’s finally back! Most of you may have chucked your chokers but Swarovski has brought the style back in the trendiest way. You can wear their chokers on multiple occasions this fall but especially with your Thanksgiving dress to spice things up a bit. You will certainly drop a lot of jaws if you invest in their choker selection.

So, ladies if you’re searching for what’s trending this fall, look no further than Monson Jewelers. We are a trustworthy company that will not disappoint you. Visit our site at monsonjewelers.com today to start getting ready for your fall festivities parties.