2 Mar


When you find the perfect woman, you want to give her the perfect proposal! At Monson Jewelers, we meet anxious fiancés each day who are planning breathtaking proposals. We are here to help you find the best engagement rings for both of you and plan the perfect proposal. Here’s our advice:

1. Choose a meaningful location.

You have shared thousands of special memories with your special lady. Revisit a location that is extra special to the both of you. Maybe the restaurant where you had your first date, or the park that you had your first kiss would be perfect. Create a new memory that will last a lifetime.

2. Select the ring of her dreams.

The ring is an important part of the proposal. It represents the commitment and it is a symbol of eternal love. Take your time to find the perfect ring. As a family owned and operated jewelry store, here at Monson, we don’t just push trending engagement rings. We help you to find the perfect ring to express your love and her style.

3. Include her family and friends.

A special moment becomes even more treasured when family and friends can witness. Invite her closest family so they can watch her face light up as you propose to her. They will be thrilled at the opportunity to be involved.

4. Capture the moment.

Be sure to have the moment recorded so that family and friends that can’t attend can watch. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer to capture the special moment, Facebook or Instagram live are great for sharing the occasion with friends.

5. Speak from your heart.

You don’t have to write a long speech or practice your line. Your love is natural and so should your proposal. You can speak to your lady from the heart and tell her just why you want her to be your wife.

Spend forever with your special lady and make the memory of your engagement last a lifetime. At Monson Jewelers we specialize in engagement rings so you can focus on creating a wonderful proposal!