20 Feb


Silver Jewelry shopping can be intimidating and overwhelming, to say the least. Knowing what to look for when shopping for silver can help you choose a better quality piece that will have a longer lifespan. Rather you decide to shop with us or somewhere else, Monson Jewelers wants you to make the right decision when purchasing silver. If you are looking for silver for yourself or a special person, you don’t want to be blind in looking for the key details in selecting the best quality piece. Read on for four ways to make shopping for silver easier.

  1. Know the difference between the types of silver.

Did you know that pure silver has a content of 99.9% vs. sterling silver of 9.25%? Pure silver doesn’t tarnish when exposed to the air like other metals, unlike sterling silver that is mixed with other metals and has a higher chance of tarnishing. As far as affordability, pure silver cost more because it has a higher quality and longer life span. At Monson Jewelers, we have a quality selection of silver pieces from which you can choose. You can trust our team to give you the facts to choose the best gift for yourself or the special one in your life.

2. Determine what you’re looking for before you go shopping.

Determine what you’re looking for before you go shopping will help you stand your ground on the type of piece you want. Don’t stop until you find the right piece that fits your style or is the perfect gift for the special someone. We are certain Monson Jewelers will be your one an only stop for the gift you need.

3. Know the facts.

An important note to remember is sterling silver is mixed with 7.25% of either copper or zinc. Having a mixture of metals makes sterling silver more cost-effective. It should be polished to maintain its luster and should be kept in a room temperature place when it isn’t being worn.  Our Anna Beck collection offers an exquisite array of earrings and bangles integrated with sterling silver that adds a classy appeal. Come see us today for a look at our selection - you simply can’t go wrong.

4. Look for the stamp.

We have a qualified team to support our customers in choosing the piece that is a perfect fit. Ask us anything and we will find what you’re looking for. Our brands speak for themselves on the level of quality we offer. Some key tips to look for when shopping is to spot out the 99.9% on pure silver. It should have some variation of 999, 99.9, .999 labeled on it which is used to indicate the number of purities.

Now that you’re equipped with the four easy ways to make shopping for silver easier, come see us today to get some more information on the products we offer and jewelry we know will make great additions to your collection. We take pride in expanding your accessory wardrobe.