25 Mar


Watches are a very practical piece of jewelry to own.

If you have the right watch it can complement your style and give you a put-together look for work, school, etc. A watch should be upgraded more often because it is simply the most worn piece of jewelry besides a wedding band. Read on for four practical reasons why you should consider upgrading your watch and why you should choose Monson Jewelers to help you with your selection.

We care.

As always, we have the best team on hand to assist you in making the best selection in any piece of jewelry you desire. Rather if it is for yourself or someone else, let us be the team you choose to select your next timepiece. We have a team of experts who understand the needs of our customers.  Our customer’s priority is our number one interest which is why you should visit us today to view our watch selection.

Our brands.

We host the best brands with the best quality pieces for your selection such as Citizen or Seiko. Citizen is known all over the world for its signature look and Eco-Drive feature. You can visit us today as we have a plethora of Citizen brand watches from you to choose from to add to your new look for the spring season. Seiko is another brand that may suit your lifestyle. It is sleek, edgy, and comes in styles available for men and women.

You deserve it.

Are you hesitant on buying yourself a piece of jewelry and been putting it off for some time? Now is the time to treat yourself this spring season and refresh your look. Ask yourself, does your watch fit your lifestyle for this year. If not, then we recommend changing your look sooner than later. It can add to your confidence and attract the new people you are looking to bring in your life.

A confidence boost.

Are you going for a new job, dating someone new, or meeting new friends? This is a perfect reason to upgrade your arm with a piece from our inventory. Having a signature piece to wear on your arm displays a put-together person who cares about their look and their time.

Come visit our store today for the hottest brands in watches. Check out our website at monsonjewelers.com to view our exquisite watch brands and so much more.