18 Apr


Love is in the air this Spring. Are you ready to ask the special one in your life to officially be your forever partner? It is the perfect time to go shopping for the ring and at Monson Jewelers, we are eager to share that moment with you. Our team is on standby to walk you through the process of finding the perfect engagement ring. Keep reading for four amazing ideas to propose to your partner.

Involve him or her in the planning.

Did you know you can involve your potential fiancé without their knowledge? We believe that is where the fun comes! To prepare, find a common interest between the both of you that connected you to each other at the beginning of your relationship. For instance, your love for art, music, movies, and so on, can be incorporated into your proposal. Ask your partner to help plan a date or fun event and invite your family and friends. Transform the originally planned event it into a memorable one they will forever cherish.

Include your close family and friends.

The best part of a proposal is sharing it with people that mean the most to you. Ask the closest friends of your partner to attend to experience the moment of a lifetime. One of the friends or family members can assist with recording the moment for a keepsake. Of course, the tradeoff is for family and friends to keep it a secret until after the proposal.

Make it special.

Make your proposal special by expressing to your partner significant milestones in your relationship and how it led to where you are today. You can include your family in this segment by requesting a few to prepare a speech on why you two belong together. It will be the icing on the cake for an unforgettable time.

Buy the perfect ring.

Present to your future partner the most exquisite ring at the proposal. Visit us today to find the perfect engagement ring for your best friend and lover. To find out what he or she likes, stop by our store and look for something else, then casually stroll by our ring selection and ask your future fiancé what’s their style. It is a perfect way to keep your secret and find what he or she likes. You can trust us at Monson Jewelers with making this special moment an unforgettable one.