3 Dec


Engagement season is now coming, meaning you should expect to see a lot of proposal pics on the feed -- and maybe a ring on your own finger. 

  • Unique shapes and colors 

Romantic designs celebrate love and happiness with delicate shapes and dreamy hues. A few years ago, we started to see a shift from traditional metals to rose gold, and now, gemstones like morganite, aqua, and garnet are sought after as white diamonds. With soft, feminine stones like the oval and pear also being so popular, it’s safe to say that romantic designs, and unique colors will be big this year.

  • Rose gold rings

Ovals are having a moment and so is the rose gold setting. We have seen this trend start to get bigger in 2019 and predict the rose gold mounting requests are here to stay. The main benefits of rose gold engagement rings and jewelry, in general, is that they are very durable, less expensive than platinum and naturally compliment nearly every skin tone

  • Banded styles

Many of our brides-to-be are favoring bands as engagement rings. Women want something they feel comfortable wearing every day, something that's OK to jump in the ocean with or head to spin class. One of the unique new trends is constellation rings. The constellation ring has a beautiful sense of motion and almost looks as if the diamonds are floating in its gentle curves. It’s delicate yet stunningly beautiful and perfect for just about any occasion. 

**What styles do you think are here to stay for 2020? **